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 General Rules

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Age : 23
Wi-Fi games? : ......... MPH, MKDS, ACWW, SFC and WC24
Games being played : MPH, Wii sports and NFSC
Fave game? : ............ Zelda: TP
Registration date : 2007-01-21

PostSubject: General Rules   Fri Jan 26, 2007 10:50 am

These are the rules of the forum, disagree with them and you will be banned.

These rules are simple guidelines for you to follow, if you do not understand them or are confused by any of them contact me or a mod.

1. No double posting
This is annoying as people don't want to see you writing the same message over and over again, it is also spamming. If you need to change something please use the edit button!

2. No backseat modding
This is annoying to the mods because it shows that the member just wants an extra post count so if you see any fights, arguments or people double posting over and over contact me or a mod.
Backseat modding is when a member just says in a post "This should be locked" or anything similar.

3. No unsuitable posts
Simply put, don't do it, there are many younger people and, I mean, what's the point? It's disgusting and rude.

4. No spam
Spam basically means pointless posts such as "yeah", "No" or "LOL" don't do it.

5. No rude pictures
See rule Number 3, this is sick so no pictures of naked people, swear words or anything inappropriate

6. Learn your english
Speak properly! Do you realize how annoying it is to try and decipher this "Y3AhM337M3A7DaPrK" youre answer: irritating! So this means no number speaking,no ALL CAPS, no aLtErNaTiVe CaPs and 1 space between each word.

7. Spoilers
If there is a game you're playing and you want to talk about the ending or secrets in the game do this:
Type your spoiler wherever you want it then highlight it and change the font colour to white, highlight the spoiler again (even the colour bit) and click on the 'quote' button, it should turn out like this:
Quote :
My name is Saul
To view your spoiler highlight it.

8. Please keep to just one account
Multiple accounts will be banned, as there is simply no need for them.

9. Do not give out your password TO ANYONE!
We don't need your password so if anyone EVER asks you for your password do not give it to them.

10. Sig size: 450x150
The sig size is 450x100 if you break this rule your sig is replaced with something more... mature if you will. Twisted Evil

11. Don't post friend codes
There are some people who like younger kids and not as friends if you get what I mean; therefore do not post friend codes in your sig or on a thread. Instead PM someone your details, and, if they accept your invitation they should post their details back.

12. Do not harass mods or admins in anyway
Do not PM a mod saying "Why did you lock my thread! Evil or Very Mad" or start a thread saying "I HATE MODS!" they're just trying to help out the forum not to stop you from typing threads, besides they should all have perfectly reasonable explanations for locking a thread.

13. Any problems with the forum
Any problems with the forum should be sent by PM to a mod or admin do not start a thread about problems.

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Male Number of posts : 140
Age : 27
Wi-Fi games? : MK:DS, AC:WW, TH:DJ
Games being played : None.
Fave game? : SSBM
Registration date : 2007-01-24

PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Sun Jan 28, 2007 2:10 pm

Also we don't need avatar size rules because it doe's it itself...So no one can get away with a enourmous avatar Twisted Evil

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General Rules
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