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 The Typical Dance Form of Kerala

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PostSubject: The Typical Dance Form of Kerala   Mon Jul 09, 2007 5:07 am

A Kerala Tourism will inevitably include an experience of the breathtaking culture of Kerala. Mohiniyattom is the typical dance form of Kerala, that can be translated as the ‘dance of the celestial enchantress’. It is an amorous (Lasya) dance performed in slow, elegant and sensuous pace with formulated hand gestures translating the song to which it is performed.

Most of the component items of Mohiniyattam are similar to Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi, though subtle differences of style is obvious. The language used in the lyrics is a pleasant mixture of Malayalam and Sanskrit, known as Manipravalam.

Among the main items Cholkettu, Padavarnam and Padam, Mudras and facial expressions are more important than the rhythmic steps. The tuft knotted at the side of the head adorned by a garland of jasmine circling it, the dancer with normal facial make up and clad in gilded sari with series of pleats and jacket sways her body to the rhythm of orchestrated background music.

Compared most other dance forms, Mohiniyattam gives more importance to gesture and facial acting. The Mudras (hand gestures) are almost always same as those employed in Kathakali. The artists try to enact the lyrics almost in its entirety, like in Kathakali.
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The Typical Dance Form of Kerala
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