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 problem with logging on?

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shroom of doom

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PostSubject: problem with logging on?   Fri Oct 26, 2007 7:23 am

ok, listen people.
I think, there might be a problem withthis web cos i havent been able to log on for ages. but today, i have.
if u cant get on, press refresh. that seems to work after a few times at most.
OR, it might just be my computer.

anyway, if EVERYONE posts more im sure nintalk can only get better. it seems to be dead, but is probably just in a comer. if u have any suggestions, just PM me, any other mod or soily and we may use it.

Teh Modz king
and everyone on here!


if u can be bothered to read this u must be really sad bounce tongue
On average, people fart 12 times a day. If ur 1 of those people who does more, paste this into ur sig
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problem with logging on?
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