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 R.I.P Nintalk

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shroom of doom

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PostSubject: R.I.P Nintalk   Sun Dec 16, 2007 8:40 am

Yes, i think this forum has had its time, and now its getting old and will soon pass away. No one is posting, and after a few last attempts at getting it back together it might aswell be called dead. Soily has said hes made a new one based around pokemon, which can be found here;

In the few months it has been around, we have got quite a few members, some decent threads going and its been fun. I hope so anyway. Especially that time i put the whol thing in french Laughing
Soilydude has been amazing, as he created this place and spent time doing it up. All the Mods have been keeping it cool and helping to improve it, and everyone else has been sharing their views and giving their opinions.
But most of all, YOU are the best. Simply for being here.
After me of course Cool JOKE! guh, have you never heard of sarcasm...

So, um, yeah, thanks to everyone who has visited, posted, and taken time to be here.


if u can be bothered to read this u must be really sad bounce tongue
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Wi-Fi games? : ......... MPH, MKDS, ACWW, SFC and WC24
Games being played : MPH, Wii sports and NFSC
Fave game? : ............ Zelda: TP
Registration date : 2007-01-21

PostSubject: Re: R.I.P Nintalk   Sun Dec 16, 2007 9:01 am

It brings a tear to my eye Sad

but yes, I feel Pokenom will be much more successful anyway Smile

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R.I.P Nintalk
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